Superlite + Pivot Shelf Combo
Superlite + Pivot Shelf Combo
Superlite + Pivot Shelf Combo

Superlite + Pivot Shelf Combo

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Superlite + Pivot shelf
* Superlite + Pivot shelf
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Superlite Palettes
Superlite Palettes
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Superlite Trays
Superlite Trays
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Collapsible Water cup
Collapsible Water cup
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Solvent Can
Solvent Can
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The Superlite has received a cup-grade!

We now sell the Superlite with a compact pivot shelf ready to use. The pivot shelf is designed hold four brushes and our collapsible 320ml water cup. Solvent cans can also be used in the pivot shelf but they fit looser and should be clipped on the edge (see picture). The cup hole opening is approximately 3.1" or 8cm diameter and can also be used with regular size paper cups.

A 6mm bolt, plastic washer and adapter hold the shelf snug to the easel which can pivot out for use and back in for transportation. The shelf is fully removable and the easel can still be used with our original smaller pigment cup if preferred. 

This shelf will not help you if you only paint on table tops, but will make a big difference if you paint with a tripod on your lap.

*Tripod, Tripod shelves, paint brushes, and painting surfaces sold separately. 

-Constructed from Baltic Birch
-Weighs: 1.9lbs
-Easel size: 8.75 x 8.75"
-Palette size: Approx. 6 x 5.5"
-Can be used handheld, on your lap, on table tops, or attaches to camera tripods
-Available in Grey, Sepia, or Natural finish and now treated with water repellant.
-Super strong neodymium magnets x6
-Alloy tension hinge can be adjusted with 3mm hex key (provided)
-Stainless steel hinge hardware
-All easels have a 1/4-20 threaded insert (standard tripod size) in their base to attach to standard camera tripods.
-Plastic tray for pigment, covered by sealed magnetic lid
-White or Neutral grey tempered glass
-Plastic palette for watercolor
-Machine cut, Hand stained, Hand sanded, Hand finished

-Recommended for lightweight watercolor surfaces
-Recommended for canvas boards 9x12" and smaller
-Stows 6x8" (15x20cm) canvas boards safely inside.
*Not recommended for heavier and larger surfaces (ex. watercolor blocks)

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