Superlite Oil Kit
Superlite Oil Kit
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Superlite Oil Kit

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Superlite Oil Kit :
Suitable for oil sketches.
Includes White tempered glass, Pivot Shelf, and Open pigment tray.

*Tripod, Tripod shelves, paint brushes, and painting surfaces sold separately. 

-Constructed from Baltic Birch.
-Weighs: 1.9lbs.
-Easel size: 8.75 x 8.75"
-Palette size: Approx. 6 x 5.5".
-Can be used handheld, on your lap, on table tops, or attaches to camera tripods.
-Treated with water repellant.
-Super strong neodymium magnets x6.
-Alloy tension hinge can be adjusted with 3mm hex key (provided).
-Stainless steel hinge hardware.
-All easels have a 1/4-20 threaded insert (standard tripod size) in their base to attach to standard camera tripods.
-Plastic Open tray for pigment, covered by sealed magnetic lid.
-White Tempered Glass for Oil paint.
-Machine cut, Hand stained, Hand sanded, Hand finished.

-Recommended for canvas boards 9x12" and smaller.
-Stows 6x8" (15x20cm) canvas boards safely inside.
*Not recommended for larger surfaces (ex. stretched canvas).

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