How Cup Easels started

Hello my name is Kyle Balluff and I am the creator of Cup Easels.

I’ve been making easels for myself and friends since 2011.

Cup Easels was born out of a daily plein air painting practice when I felt that the process could be simplified.

Cup Easels simplifies the routine of observational painting which in turn promotes creative flow. Artists can set up and also pack up quickly and easily. In literally 1 minute you can be oil painting and pack up just as quick. Our easels reduce the barriers to start painting and a daily practice is easier than ever.

For busy creative types, the benefits from a daily practice are only positive. We all know that routine and persistence is key to growth and improvement, and with our easels this is realized.

The return on investment comes back in saved time and also reduced wasted paint, whether you choose to bring tubes in your kit or not, you will save time and paint.

Thank you for reading and I hope you like them!