Left-handed Superlite Available Soon!

About Us

Cup easels was conceived during a period of reclusive isolation on Canada’s beautiful west coast. Here it was possible to paint on a daily basis which lead to the creative flow, where the concept was realized.
Painting with quality pigments, mediums, and surfaces, made simple.
The barriers most artists face when painting in the field depends on the individual, but the simpler and easier your setup is, the more likely you will go paint.

The more you paint, the better you get.
We need to be able to sketch or paint in a spark of inspiration without
• taking 20 minutes to set up, and 20 minutes to take down
• lugging around a rolling suitcase full of painting supplies
• limiting ourselves

Transitioning from prototyping, into a manufacturing business has had its challenges, but with devotion and due diligence we have created something truly unique.
We now offer 3 easels to suit different artists needs manufactured in a humble workshop where we can produce our high-quality  products in a timely manner.
We will be constantly improving our designs based on feedback from our customers.

Whether you choose to purchase one of our easels or not, we hope you are inspired by what we are doing and just go paint!
Kyle Balluff, Artist, Creator, and Owner.