Frequently Asked Quesitons

Where are Cup Easels made?
Cup Easels are made on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada.

Do you have sales?
Yes! The best way to hear of our sales to by subscribing to our mailing list. We promise we wont send you spam. 

Can I get a discount code?
We offer 10%OFF for students in accredited colleges (see our student discount page to apply) otherwise subscribe to our newsletter. 

Do you give away free stuff?
Yes! We are artists and want to give back to the community of artists. Join our mailing list and follow our FB / IG for giveaways.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! Shipping and handling charges will apply at checkout. International orders are subject to local taxes and are the responsibility of the customer. 

What surfaces work best with a Cup Easel?
✓ We recommend  Canvas/Gesso boards, Canvas pads, Illustration board, Sketch pads, paper or loose canvas taped to coroplast, and smaller sketch books.

✕ We do not recommend Larger canvases (9x12" or larger), Deep canvases, wooden panels, heavier watercolour blocks, and large sketchbooks.

How long does paint stay fresh for in the cups or trays?
This depends on the medium, pigment, and quality of paint. It's safe to say all paints will last over a week with no use before they develop any kind of skin on them. Some paints will last over a month. If your are painting weekly they will stay fresh.

 Oil painters can extend the paints life by adding a drop of clove oil on the inside of their lid.

 Water based painters can mist water over their paints before stowing to keep them wet longer. There are acrylic slow dry mediums that can also be sprayed over the cups.

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