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NEW Lite Easel

Each year we try to bring something new and improved to our customers and this year is no different. We have been testing our current design for some time now and are pleased to share with you the LITE EASEL.
The Lite is an evolution of our Superlite easel. Ambidextrous design with more mixing space, larger pivot shelves, upgraded heavy duty aluminium hardware including the hingeback and tripod connection. 

Tempered glass and plastic watercolor palettes are available. 

Recommended material size is 9x12" (23x30cm) or smaller.

***Not recommended: heavier watercolor blocks, larger sketchbooks (9x12" and up) or stretched canvas.

Oil painters can use lightweight gesso boards.

Watercolorists can tape paper to a lightweight backing.

Additionally small sketchbooks and illustration boards can be used.